Friday, September 26, 2008

Sept 26th

This week was a crazy doctor week. I absolutely hate going to the doctors. I don't want to see them and I don't want to take any medications. With that in mind I will tell you about this week... On Monday I went to the oncologist. She gave me a Lupron shot that shuts down my ovaries. I have to have this shot every 4 months. She also gave me a prescription for some inhibitors. Because the tumor is estrogen feeding, we have to shut down all estrogen. I also have to get a bone density scan because the medication put my body into an early menopause, so I will start losing bone density. The shot and pills are going to happen for the next 5 years!!!! Immediately after that I went to the plastic surgeon. He was checking my expander. He said all looked good. I told him I was starting radiation next week, so we decided to deflate my expander. He put in a needle and withdrew 6 syringes full of fluid from my breast. Now there is nothing. It is now an empty balloon, very beautiful visually! I was not prepared for that at all. On Thursday I met with the radiologist. Today I go to the hospital to get my tattoos for the lasers so that the radiation is in the exact spot.
Summary: 5 days, 4 doctors, 4 new perscriptions, 1 shot, no boob!
My meaningless whining is over. This is a good outlet. I am on the last step. Radiation for 6 weeks and I am done, except for more lovely doctors appointments. It was a bad week, but it is over.
I didn't post for so long because I was so negative. I am back to normal (I think). It is all working and the family is good! Thanks again to everbody.

September 12ish?

Recovery is fine and life is slowly moving on. On about the 12th the BYU baseball team had an alumni golf tournament and baseball game. Ryan told me I needed to be there for the baseball game. That night I had a volleyball tournament so I ran down there and waited for the game to start. They pulled all the players together and I was asked to come onto the field. One of Ryan's former players that we have stayed in contact with over the years, Seth King is now a contractor. At the golf tournament I guess he provided and end table that he had made for one of the prizes. I went down on the field and Ryan and I thanked the team for the support over the past few months and the alumni gave me a framed picture of them golfing and all of them signed it. It was really nice. Then Seth came out and said he wanted to do something with meaning behind it. Anyway, he brought out this beautiful dress/armoire that he had made. He is making a whole collection and named it the Angie Roberts collection. Witht the furniture he sells he is donating some of the proceeds to the American Cancer Foundation. It was neat for Ryan and I, there was so much sentiment behind it. It is kind of hard to grasp. I took pictures, when I download them I will post them. This was a wonderful positive to this circus of a year!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sept. 8

Surgery is over! It is not as bad as I thought it would be. I was miserable that night and very nauseous. Now if I stay on top of my pain pills I can manage. I can't lift Ripken, so I pawn him off. My mom had him all weekend, Ali had him today and Jess will take him tomorrow. Hopefully by Wednesday I will be fine. I have a drain in right now, but look relatively normal. Coming out of anesthesia I could remember yelling at Ryan for a bucket and "Ang this is Colby are you going to remember that". When I came to, I thought I was crazy, but sure enough, one of Ryan's former players inserted my pain pump!! Little odd, but I did remember. I took this week off and so far just do a lot of sleeping, it feels good. The neighborhood has us well stocked with dinners.
Thanks again to everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Surgery scheduled for Friday, September 5th.