Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26th

Little to report: Chemo was on Tuesday this week. It was pretty standard. Ali, Jess and my mom all helped out while Ryan had camp. Ryan's sister, Angie, took the girls for a few days so I could rest. I feel so guilty. I have very little side effects this round. I feel really good. I guess you could say I am lucky??- I haven't been sick for a while and don't really have to miss much. If Ripken wakes up early we go on walks in the morning and Ali and I play tennis several times on my good week.
Life aside from cancer: Went to the Lehi horse parade (it's big time) tonight with the kids. Ryan will go with Rylin tomorrow for her games, and I will take Kai to his. Hunter stays busy with all her friends. Ripken is finally sleeping through the night, but goes 100 mph in the day. He has a great right arm, everything he touches he throws- shoes, balls, toys everything under the kitchen sink etc. Sometimes my house looks like a hurricane hit it. Does anybody have the energy for a 14 mo. old? He has learned how to climb up the neighbors play set?? He just learned to walk!
Anyway, love my kids, love my family.

Monday, June 16, 2008

5 Down, 3 to go!

5th treatment was a new drug. The side effects are sooooo much better. I can taste food again, smells don't bother me, and I don't feel nauseated. I had treatment on Wednesday. It took about 5 hrs. and they gave me Benadryl with it. Needless to say, I had a good nap! The next day Ryan's mom took the kids in the morning and that afternoon I went to volleyball camp. Thursday night my neck started to ache. The treatment causes muscle and bone aches. It slowly moves through my body, head to toe. I can deal with this. I just need a massage therapist! (Ryan doesn't quite cut it). Each treatment is suppose to get a little worse, but I am hoping to have my body recovered by next week in hopes that the side effects are the same.
Other news: Ryan's new project is an upgraded batting cage, and a (mini) waterfall! Kai and cousin Chase are playing in the championship for machine pitch baseball (he's excited which makes it fun), Rylin is going to volleyball camp with me and softball camp at BYU this week, Hunter and Ripken just go from game to game. Today is the first day in my life I put on a 50 SPF sunscreen! Can you believe it? I took the kids to the pool and tried to stay shaded, but still got burned. Me with 50 SPF sunscreen, what is going on ?!! I feel like Shane Belliston.
Thanks to Hacking family for the greatest gift: maid service, what a great idea!

Monday, June 2, 2008

4th Chemo:
It is now the Monday after treatment. I hate to write anything before now because I don't want to sound like a whiner. It was not bad, by Sunday afternoon I feel pretty good. Today I feel normal. Next round will be a different drug and the side effects should also be different, most say it is better so we'll see.
Ryan is done with baseball season, he is recruiting and doing camps and I am done with school. Life is slowing down a little bit. Ryan has been good to stick around and take care of everything like a single parent. We still stay busy with the kids, now I just have to keep them entertained throughout the summer with pool days, park days and summer camps.
Through all of this I can already say I have learned empathy, sympathy and humbleness. You never picture yourself being the one that needs help. To accept it takes some getting used to. I really appreciate my family. My mom comes once a week, my two sister-in-laws break into my house and clean for me, and all my in-laws keep my fashionable with hats and scarves. I have a great family! I know there are people in worse situations, I just want life to be back to normal.
Huge thanks to everyone!
Love always,