Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25th Finally

Finally chemo is done!!! I am sooo excited, 1 leg done 2 to go. I have another MRI on the 12th and my masectomy on the 14th. I could possibly have a lumpectomy, but in my mind if you are going to take a chunk you might as well take the whole thing then reconstruct. I don't want to do this again (obviously!!!). I will then have 33 radiation treatments to finish up. That is not suppose to be too bad just getting there is a pain. I will try to continue to work and do it at lunch. In a bout 6 months we can do reconstruction. I don't know I am thinking Pamela Anderson? Looking back it wasn't too bad, I am pretty lucky. I had a lot of outside support and help and my body stayed pretty strong. Now it is time to get my butt back in shape. Who gains weight with cancer?
Kai story of the month--- 7 yr old gang banger---He and Briggs found some field paint and decided to paint (I should say tag), choice words on the neighbors wood swingset. Kai had to sand for about 3 hrs. that night. 7:00 am day and 3 cans of stain later (Kai paid half) I hope he learned a lesson. He said "this sucks mom". My reply, "I guess you better go to college so you have other options." I am sure it is not the last time Kai gets in trouble.
Ryan took all the kids to Colorado for Kai's baseball tournament and I relaxed all week with Ripken. They are having a ball. I am reading, resting and eating out!!!