Sunday, October 12, 2008

Britney and K-Fed rocked The EL (East Lehi)

We went to a party and Ang looked extremely "hot", she even wore a skirt she used to wear when we dated 16 years ago. Oh my!! Britney had her trusty umbrella in case there was any paparazzi, K Fed had some bling but he was pretty lame.

The Race Is On

We decided to have a race to see who could grow hair faster, I am afraid my hair will never grow back, Angie is winning. Picture taken on the 14th of September.

Cancer Sucks From Rylie, Kai, Hunter, Rip

Cool Sign until the notorious Lehi winds took it down.

Cake From The Erickson's

We had a little backyard party because "cancer sucks"

Furniture from Seth King

This is the piece of furniture that Seth built for Angie, He is building a special line of furniture and donating money from each piece sold to cancer research. Yes, it is the nicest piece of furniture we own.