Thursday, April 2, 2009

Expansion Process

Ripken's Birthday! One year ago I got my lymph nodes out. What a year! I finished the expansion process on March 23. For anybody that is going to go through this I just have to say, be prepared! For some reason I thought it was going to be easy, it is anything but! With the mastectomy the surgeon basically put a balloon with a port in my chest wall. Every week I go to the plastic surgeon and he fills it with fluid. The first month wasn't bad. After that, it felt like a mini boob job every week. It is painful, and you can't sleep. I try to take pain pills, but they make me sick. It took about 4 months while the muscle slowly stretches I hated it. I guess radiation tightens the muscle? I have reconstruction on April 30th. Maybe then it will be done! Right now I have two extremely lop sided boobs, and one feels like I have an immovable tennis ball partially under my arm pit. I try to wear clothes that are loose, any bra hurts. I know, too much info again, I just needed to vent again, and thought anyone that is going through the same thing would appreciate knowing what to expect.
Signing out until another vent is necessary!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I haven't posted for so long. Everything is pretty normal. Just after Christmas we went to San Diego for a coaches conference. This is our trip to San Diego. We went to the beach, (though it was only 65), the other pictures are by our hotel, Petco park, and Kai and dad at the San Diego-Indianapolis game. This game was the highlight of Kai's life so far. We had a great time.
This is my short hair. It is extremely curly! I have to glue it down or I have an afro! At least it is hair, right? I still have 3 expansion appointments, then reconstruction (which is 2 steps), then I am done! Long road.


This is the best Christmas present I have purchased! I found 43 jerseys for Kai on line. He has worn a different one every day of the week. This week is quarter back week.