Monday, May 26, 2008

ALI the best wii player ever

Ali Roberts is always so entertaining.

BYU Baseball Coach's family deals with Cancer

Highlight video from true blue sports

Thursday, May 15, 2008

3rd chemo treatment

Angie had her third treatment today. She hates going into that hospital. It smells, I think it is all the old people getting treatment but she thinks it is something else. Each treatment is about two hours long. She comes home from treatment and goes right to bed. She went to sleep today at 5:00pm and didn't even want to wake up to see the Jazz loose to the Lakers. She is asleep at 12:15 still in her levi's and shirt she wore today. I woke her up to drink some water and she stared me down like she was ready to kill. After three to four days after treatment her energy picks up. She is still working everyday that she is scheduled and plans to go to work tomorrow. She is a gamer. Thanks for all the support and comments on "gossip blognation" it has been great to hear from some old friends, teammates, players, etc... we really appreciate your thoughts on our behalf.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is some video from the locks of love program Lehi High School organized through Jaime Ingersoll and Becky White. Many of the participants were Angie's students, volleyball players, youth in our ward, and other students that Angie did not have a relationship with. In total 74 students donated to the Lock of Love.

Jokingly, I spent a few minutes looking at some blogs around what I call "gossip blognation" (I think I should trademark that one) and decided to pick some sappy music because of the many "OH MY" comments I made to myself as I looked at other blogs and what some people do and say (Ali Hamaker do not get offended it was not your blog), so I thought some corny love music would put us in the right mood.

Seriously, I can't believe the generosity and concern that has poured out for us and Angie. We have had a number of people express concern, send cards, send meals, send scarfs, send pick me up notes, etc... they all go very appreciated.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

2nd Chemo

I could try to be tough, but honestly this week sucked! Physically I feel fine, I really can't complain. The day after my second treatment I lost my hair. It just fell out in locks and all over my pillow so I had Ryan shave it. Odd emotions experienced when you have your husband shave your head bald! Hunter said I look like Kyle. (Things could be worse) My eyebrows are starting to go!! I am going to be a Q-ball! Tomorrow is the first day back at school without hair, it will be nice to get it over with. Positive side: thanks to all for the support. It is wonderful to hear from relatives and friends. I have a wonderful ward, neighborhood and family. I have some beautiful hats and scarves thanks to my sister-in-laws and I get plenty of rest thanks to my husband and family. I will try to post a before and after pictures.