Friday, August 22, 2008

Hold On

Met with the radiologist and plastic surgeon, of course they did not agree. The radiologist wants to continue with 5 1/2 wks of radiation post surgery. The plastic surgeon will go in at the same time as the mastectomy and put in an expander to stretch my skin. It is deflated during radiation. When radiation is complete he will fill it to my desired breast size!! Then he will match the other side. No surgery date yet. Angie gave me some Chinese shampoo that is supposed to stimulated growth. My head looks like a peach! My eyebrows and eyelashes are continuing to fall out. I look horrible, lets get this over with!!
Reading over this, this is probably too much information! Oh well. I have no shame, I am an open book.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Results!!!

MRI results came back with no signs of cancer! What a huge relief. Just waiting was a little stressful, but it is over with. This opened new options: 1) lumpectomy, possible disfigure, radiation 2) mastectomy, reconstruction, no radiation. As of now I opted for #2. I meet next week with the radiologist and plastic surgeon if they both agree we will try to have surgery on the 29th and reconstruction at the same time. I'm exhausted tonight, I will post again later, just wanted to share the good news!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7


Change of plans: MRI 12th, consultation 14th! Now I am sick of waiting. A friend in my ward (Rachelle Livingston) took some pictures of me so she could do a water color painting. I am beyond worrying about what I look like. For memory sake and those of you I never get to see, and wondered what I look like bald, here are some pictures. Yes, I have big ears! I hated having my pictures done in this state, but I thought it would be good to look back on. I am truly grateful to her for doing this. The scarf is my church attire. Usually it is a scarf and hat.

I went to the DMV today to get a license renewal. I asked if I could use my last picture. The lady said, "Is there any reason you don't want your picture taken today?" Are you kidding, I about started to bawl!

I'll update after Thursday.